A Method Of Selecting Magnetic Block Toys
- Apr 26, 2018 -

Magnetic block toy is one of the new toys rising rapidly in recent years. Because of its playfulness, adults and children can play. It can also make children's creativity, scientific thinking, reasoning, mathematical thinking, imagination, modeling, logic, curiosity, sensory development and so on organic combination, balanced development and more and more parents welcome. But because most people do not know the price of magnetic brand building blocks and magnetic chip building blocks, they do not know what kind of magnetic blocks to buy.

Pay more attention to sales and word of mouth and look at the sales volume

When parents choose to buy magnetic blocks, they usually take high sales of products as alternative, but sales are only a reference for shopping, not a decisive factor. More importantly, it is more important to see the comments of the products, the high sales plus the word of mouth, and the quality of the magnetic blocks. Although some domestic brands sell well, the reviews are poor because they are based on low price and low cost routes, so the quality is not guaranteed. Choose such brands, although the price is low, but the experience will be very poor, and some even use recycled plastic, the health and safety of children is also hidden, for the picky users are simply to spend money to buy the crime.

To understand the function and the price, the high price ratio is the royal road

Magnetic chip building blocks are a new type of children's toys, so parents are advised to know their style and style before buying them. At present, the market's magnetic block blocks can be done through six simple methods: pulling, rolling, enclosing, folding, combining and deforming so that children quickly assemble their favorite shapes, from simple flat 2D graphics to rich and diverse 3D modeling. There are 41 pieces, 129 pieces, 159 pieces, 179 pieces and 229 pieces in the style respectively. Of course, according to the brand, the number of magnetic plates in different sets will also be different. Generally, the market price of magnetic chip building blocks in about 40 pieces is about 200 yuan.  Generally, the price is too low for the products with magnetic difference and recycling plastics. Therefore, it is not recommended to purchase. Of course, when referring to prices, parents should not blindly pursue high prices, which is equal to high quality and high function, and need rational analysis.