Building Blocks: Improving Your Baby's Potential
- Sep 09, 2018 -

Any activity should follow the baby's interest, love as a starting point, so that the nurtured baby is emotional, good character, but also very smart! For example, small games such as building blocks, baby in the process of playing can improve hand-eye coordination, grasp the ability and the ability to pick up high items.

(1) first give the baby the right demonstration: take 2-4 blocks and let him imitate. During the course of the ride, he praised him for every piece and encouraged the baby to fall in love with the building blocks with the encouraging language.

(2) first use big blocks to make the bottom and then use smaller blocks or magnetic blocks to ensure that they are easy to succeed. In this way, the baby experiences happiness in the success, good emotional stimulation to promote his desire for knowledge to develop higher, to meet his need for success.

(3) If the baby is not interested, you can first put 2-3 blocks, let him put up the last piece, if necessary, and the baby hand to hand to let him put up, immediately praise him, and let him push down as encouragement.

(4) You can also teach him hand-in-hand, then change to language guidance, and finally put forward the task: "Building a tall building."

(5) Learn to build 3-4 blocks, to consolidate the results in time, maintain interest is very important, and good interest can be correctly cultivated. We must change the way to let the baby continue to play.