Buy Magnetic Toys Precautions
- Apr 26, 2018 -

Magnet magnets are often concerned about their strong magnetism and smallness. If they are accidentally swallowed by children, they may cause harm to the body. Therefore, when purchasing a magnetic toy for children, pay attention to the following items:

(1) Give up the magnetic toy that is too noisy

Toys that are too loud for a long time can cause hearing impairment in children. Before you buy audible magnetic toy, you can press the button first to hear the effect. Also, consider the distance between children and toy speakers.

(2) Watch out for magnets and batteries in magnetic toys

If a child swallows two or more magnets, mutual attraction between the magnets can cause damage to the intestines. Therefore, for children who like to put things into their mouths, the toys with loose magnets are more dangerous. In addition, care should be taken in the button batteries in music toys because the button batteries accidentally swallowed by children will move smoothly in the body and cause tissue damage.

(3) Pay attention to small parts in magnetic toys

When shopping for toys, pay attention to small parts such as plastic rings or small plastic beads that are easily swallowed by children. For example, the safety standards for children's toys in our country stipulate that when the length of a pull string made by a hauling type toy is greater than 30 cm, there is no slip knot or a fastener that is easy to form a slip knot. For such toys for children under 3 years of age, ropes thinner than 1.5 mm cannot be used.

(5) Check magnetic toy dangerous place

Look for magnetic toy instructions on the package and check that the product contains some parts that are more dangerous for children under 3 years of age. If the product has small, removable parts that can be swallowed by the child's throat without squashing, then the product must not be bought. In addition, some toys have sharp corners or rough textures. Do not buy such toys.