Does magnetic building blocks benefit to children?
- Jul 22, 2018 -

Magnetic building blocks are the most popular toys nowadays. They are not only have-fun toys for kids, but also could learn things by playing. Kids may learn shapes, colors, numbers and so on. With the development of knowledge, memorize, operational ability, kids will grow up faster and happier.

What will benefit kids from magnetic toys? Following are some aspect:

1.Safety: Using non-toxic and eco-friendly materials and using ultrasonic welding & rivet technology, magnet can’t leave out when blocks’ dropping; Suit kids over 3 years old, will not swallow by mistake; Using non-toxic and eco-friendly materials Own ASTM, CPC, EN71, CE etc. certificate;

2.Educational: Develop and expand childrens’ thinking ability (from plane to 3D). Children can experience the magical instantaneous change, stimulate the imagination, stimulate the growth of brain cells. 

3.Growth: Cultivate childrens’ patience, and handwork ability with flexibility of the fingers and joints. Magnetic building toys can be played for a long time, since baby to teenager, and improve their aesthetic taste. Adults could also play with these kinds of toys, so mom and dad can play with children for family time to establish a good relationship.