Do You Need To See The Safety Sign For The Building Blocks
- Jul 28, 2018 -

The brand building blocks produced by regular manufacturers will have 3C certification on the top of the packaging boxes. If it is imported building blocks, there will also be an EN71 certification logo. Therefore, parents must pay careful attention to safety labels when purchasing records for their children. This is a step that can not be ignored. If there are no safety signs on the outer packaging of the building blocks, you must not buy them.

When buying wooden blocks, you must master not only the safety signs, but also the safety knowledge of children's toys. The most intuitive thing is to smell the smell. Also, it also depends on whether the building blocks have small wood spines. Whether the paint on the surface of the building is within the safety range. Moreover, when teaching your baby to play bricks, you must tell the baby not to put it in your mouth. Because the paint contains a lot of chemicals, the baby can easily cause harm to the body after eating.

I hope you have read the introduction of Xiaobian, we can realize the importance of children toy safety labels. How do parents identify children's toy safety labels? This requires more experience in peacetime.