How About Children Playing With Magnetic Toys
- Feb 10, 2019 -

Magnetic objects don't call radiation emitted by ~ as some heavy metals such as cesium this stuff will emit radiation, radium is nowhere to be seen, of course, this kind of things the average person, the magnet inside the sort of thing is just their atoms are arranged in two similar changes, to attract together, itself is no harm to human body, don't listen to what others say has radiation, is sheer nonsense, may be they don't know what call radiation! Are accurate for our life is filled with the presence of radiation, computer and TV mobile phones, microwave ovens, etc. All materials all have a radiation all the objects found in nature, as long as the temperature is above absolute zero temperature, are always kept in the form of electromagnetic waves to transmit heat, this way of transmitting energy called radiation. The energy released by a body through radiation is called radiant energy. Radiation is measured in terms of roentgen per hour (R), but you can't stop using it just because something useful has a little bit of radiation, like a cell phone

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