How To Build Blocks With Your Baby?
- Sep 02, 2018 -

1. Demonstrate to your baby correctly: build 2 to 4 blocks and let him imitate them. In the process of building, every piece of praise him, with encouraging words to make the baby love building blocks. Use large blocks at the base, followed by smaller blocks or magnetic blocks to ensure his success. In this way, the baby can experience happiness in success. Good emotional stimulation promotes him to develop higher thirst for knowledge and satisfies his need for success.

2. If your baby is not interested, you can build 2 or 3 blocks first and only let him build the last one. If necessary, you can hold hands with your baby for him to build. You can also teach him hand in hand, then switch to language instruction, and finally propose a task: "build tall buildings".

3. After building 3 to 4 blocks, it is important to consolidate the results in time. It is essential to keep interest, and good interest can be properly cultivated. Be sure to change the way your baby wants to play.

No matter how much you know, you will soon forget it. Time together with you is much shorter than you think. So put down your phone, take your time, and play more with your baby.