How To Choose Educational Toys
- Apr 26, 2018 -

Children do not need toys, but they must have educational toys and educational toys. They must be toys that meet children's age characteristics. How to choose science and education toys?

First, recognize the signs of science and education toys.

According to the relevant regulations, the toy must be marked with the name, model, standard number, age, manufacturer or dealer's name and address; if applicable, it should also indicate safety warning, use method, maintenance instructions and other related information. When buying toys, parents should first read these information carefully, which will help parents choose toys suitable for children's age, and understand the safe use of toys in time so as to avoid possible damage.

Two, certification of the standards for science and education toys.

For plastic toys, dolls, electric toys, ejection toys, metal toys and children's cars, parents should also pay attention to whether the "CCC" logo is attached to their packages. Toys without the "CCC" logo are not guaranteed in terms of production technology or safety, and are prone to quality problems. Therefore, parents are advised to choose products with "CCC" logo when purchasing these 6 kinds of toys.

Three, pay attention to the safety of science and education toys.

To buy toys, we must adhere to the principle of safety first, avoid being confused by the various functions of toys and misbuy the "killer" toys. At present, China has issued a series of children's toy safety standards such as GB6675 national toy safety standard, GB19865 "electric toy safety", GB14746 "child bicycle safety requirements" and so on to determine whether the toy is safe.

Four. The science and education toys should be suitable for children's age.

Toys should be suitable for children's age and children of different ages. Their hobbies, understanding and receptivity are quite different. Therefore, when parents choose toys for their children, they should pay attention to the choice of science and education toys suitable for their physiological and psychological characteristics for their children. They should play a role in developing children's intelligence, not the more expensive, the higher the better.

Science and education toys should have the function of coordinating body function. For example, children can build a box of blocks with a picture. In addition to the use of brain and hand, through science and education toys, training and gradually establish children's hands and feet coordination, hand eye coordination and other physical functions; with the function of practicing social activities, children are following them with them. In the process of playing science and education toys by their peers or parents, their social relations are unwittingly developed. In fact, they are developing the spirit of cooperation and learning the psychology of sharing with others, which lays the foundation for the future integration of society.