Is Magnetic Building Toys Radiant
- Jul 22, 2018 -

Magnetic film toys are not radiation, because the magnetic force of the object is not called radiation, such as some heavy metals such as radium and cesium, such things will release radiation, of course, the general people can not see, the magnet kind of things are only the atoms in them in the two similar changes, thus attracting Together, there is no harm to the human body, do not listen to what others say is radiation, pure is a nonsense, maybe what is called radiation they do not know! In fact, the exact place we live everywhere, there are radiation everywhere, computer TV cell phone microwave oven and all objects have radiation, in nature All objects, as long as the temperature is above the zero degree of absolute temperature, are constantly sending heat to the external transmission in the form of electromagnetic waves, which is called radiation. Therefore, the radiation of magnetic building blocks is large. There is no radiation from magnetic building blocks. We can dispel this worry and feel free to use it to our children.

Small blocks are like Chinese characters, and there is no special view, but the combination will become beautiful articles, touching words, and building blocks are pavilions, pavilions, and dreams of the palace. Children should plan their final appearance before building blocks. They must think about what kind of wood to pick up to achieve the project they conceive. It is a good exercise for children's imagination, structural thinking and modeling ability, and it can also develop children's space perception, creativity, children's organizational and understanding, enhance their endurance and interest in architectural science. Therefore, building blocks can provide children with a vast world of imagination, which can effectively promote children's creative thinking development and foster their creativity.

Building blocks toys are intimate partners of children's games. They are important teaching aids for children. It helps to promote children's physical and mental development in an all-round way. Playing high school is the most effective for children. If a child lacks the experience of building blocks, it will be a great pity.