Is Magnetic Toy Harmful To Baby?
- Apr 26, 2018 -

In fact, magnets are a useful thing to the human body, and now that many diseases can be solved by magnetic therapy, and magnetic therapy is also a kind of health care therapy, because the magnets just send out a very low energy magnetic field, which is much smaller than the electromagnetic field emitted by television and electrical appliances, so it will not affect the children. So baby contact magnet is not a bad thing.

Although there is no direct harm, but the Chinese and foreign toys also suggest that parents do not allow children to play magnetic toys for a long time, because they are afraid of children accidentally eating magnetic balls, magnetic toys, causing harm. Second children's health awareness is not strong, after playing without washing hands on food and so on, the long time will have the accumulation of lead, lead high easily lead to various diseases; in addition, children's toys should choose to trust brand, in the regular supermarket, shopping malls to buy toys, pay attention to the national mandatory product certification marks, see the name of the commodity, The manufacturer's information, the main material or the ingredients, the use of the bad age group will use toxic pigments or formaldehyde content exceeding the standard, which will lead to the deficiency of the infant's brain.