The Function Of Educational Toy For Kids
- Aug 24, 2018 -

Today we want to talk about the function of educational blocks toyfor kids.May some parents buy the toy blocks only for pass the time when kids are boring.That’s the wrong thinking in our mind.

We all know that blocks are the classic toy for kids.This classic blocks can develop the every part of ability of children.Here are some example for below.

Kids will recognize the shape,size,color.This recognize is different with listening,looking.Kids can touch the blocks directly,feeling the same texture but different color surface in the hand.Also kids can compare the shape,size between different blocks.Like different rectangle,they may find the different length ,width and height.

Kids will stretch their imagination and innovation when they building the blocks.They may build different model,graphic by using different shape of blocks.Even using one color or one shape blocks,it also can combine plenty of model.

Building blocks model will be planar or tridimensional,it also can be pure color or colorful.In the process of building blocks,kids will learn to analysis and think about the flat and space.It can also exercise the capability of balance.