The Reason For The Purchase Of Magnetic Blocks
- Apr 26, 2018 -

First, simple. The simpler toys are, the more complex they are, and the more sophisticated they are.

Second, wrestling. Didn't your apple six be thrown by the bear child! Didn't your remote control be thrown by the bear child?!

Third, wash it well. Sealed and waterproof plastic material, not dirty. Prior to the training of defecation, it is unavoidable to pull on the ground toys on the trousers. The cloth or paper toys will cry to death.

Fourth, children love to play! That's the most important thing.  The attention time of the little friend is short, but the magnetic film can let my bear child sit in situ and play for an hour without the need of an adult, which is the day's great joy. And magnetic tablets have been buying for half a year, and they are still playing every day. It's worth it again.

Fifth, old and young are salty. No instructions, no explanation, grandparents, father, mother, neighbors, children can play together.

Sixth, can be advanced. From simple geometry to wheels, it can also be equipped with motors, small lights, speakers and so on.