What Is The Harm Of Poor Quality Blocks
- Jul 28, 2018 -

Selection of wooden toys to see details, wooden toys design link is very particular about safety, all sharp square angle, edges and corners are changed into smooth rounded corners, which can fully avoid scratching the skin of children. When you buy Wooden toys, you can see whether there are sharp edges and burrs around each component. What are the dangers of inferior building blocks? Wonderful content can not be missed. Please continue to watch.

The first thing to consider is the problem of material. Now many of the cheap materials are inferior plastic dyes, which are very harmful to the health of the children. Some of them are sharp, and they are especially easy to scrape. So we must choose the quality of the building blocks. Otherwise, the loss is the child.

In large supermarkets, the building blocks are marked with materials, including wood species used for building blocks, environmental proof for surface painting, and matters needing attention during play. And in the bulk of the bulk market, a number of low price log packing instructions should be a lot of simple, and some do not even do any explanation, open a bucket of bricks can smell a clear taste of paint, grab a bucket of bricks, nails light touch the surface color will fall off.

The surface color of the blocks is shedding seriously, and even the children's mouth is stained red. Such building blocks toys make many parents dare not play with their children again. The quality of toy bricks sold on the market is uneven. Some of the building blocks are rough and decolorizing seriously, which worries many parents. Experts say that the surface paint and coating of inferior building blocks often lead to excessive lead. There are multiple risks such as lead poisoning in children's long-term bite and play.