What Should A Child Pay Attention To When Playing With A Building Block
- Jul 28, 2018 -

Children in building blocks engineering use of thinking, at the same time, you can exercise hand eye coordination. Building block toys is a careful and comprehensive work, and a building needs dozens of blocks to build, so the child is required to be conscientiously, carefully and resolutely realized. Children in the joint construction activities, can also form a good collective character, enhance the three-dimensional modeling of artistic knowledge and skills. What should children pay attention to when building blocks?

The development of each baby is different, depending on your baby's condition. In general, the baby can play with the things he can play with the building blocks; 10 months of children play the way to play the building blocks, is to throw or knock two blocks, for fine fine movements of the baby, it is possible to overlay the two blocks together. But parents need not worry or compare their children with other children. Each child has a different sequence of development. However, children of different ages play different building blocks. Parents must pay attention to it.

First from a simple start. At the very beginning, the child was full of curiosity about making a piece of small objects into a car or airplane. But I really don't know where to start with my own hands. Smart mothers can start with small pieces of small pieces of wood. Let children feel the fun of their own hands, and then buy more pieces of blocks after interest.

Pay attention to what children should pay attention to when building blocks. The most intuitive thing is to see if there are any peculiar smell in building blocks, and to see whether there are small wooden prickles in building blocks. Is the paint on the surface of the block in the safe range? And, when teaching the baby to play with the building blocks, it is necessary to tell the baby, this can not be put into the mouth, because the paint contains a lot of chemicals, after the baby is eaten, it is easy to cause harm.