Which Is Good For Children's Magnetic Toys
- Apr 26, 2018 -

The magnetic film can be drawn from plane to 3D, and it is all drawn and shaped more easily than Lego.

After forming the magnetic sheet, it is easy to disassemble and reorganize, and the spelling of Lego is not a little dismantled. Because it takes a long time to spell forming, it is more complex to build the model.

Magnetic plate has mathematical geometry, square, triangle, trapezoid, Pentagon, hexagon, isosceles triangle, prism, allowing children to learn mathematical geometry knowledge fully in fun.

There are no small particles in the magnetic field, so it is easy to clean up. Lego is mainly shaped by small particles, easy to fall off, the next component is not good shape, smaller baby is easy to swallow.

Children can not play the magnetic film can also be used in life, can make beautiful refrigerator stickers, pieced together small boxes, mosaic vases, as home decoration.

In fact, Lego and magnetic construction film are two different types of building blocks. It is impossible to compare which is better and which is not good.