Why Is It Necessary For Kids To Play With Magnetic Blocks?
- Jul 25, 2018 -

 When kids don’t have enough chance for outdoor activities, and the social circle for them comes too small, kids will easy be leaded to introvert and timid character. If parents are not able to guide them in time, it will result in bad influence with kids’ physical and psychological health. It’s also will go against kids’ vision development when they spend excessive time on computers, mobile phones or televisions. In this case, parents need a kind of special and interesting toy to attract kids’ attention.

MNTL magnetic blocks can rotate in 360 degrees, they can be embedded in each other, easy and simple to handle. With these blocks, kids can build different kind of models, which will help with their imagination and creation. During playing for fun, by using hands explore and left and right brain thinking, kids can be promoted in fingers and stimulate brain development. When parents spend time with kids by playing the same toys, it can also help with build a good relationship in parenthood. 

The most important thing of a toy is its safety. MNTL magnetic building blocks are always using non-toxic ABS plastic and high-quality magnet, harmless to children. There are a lot of toys made with right angles or sharp angles, which are easy to hurt kids. Our magnetic building blocks design in arc in every angle, smooth and burr-free, protect kids in playing.